The Asylum

Monster Mac's story



Located just a few miles from downtown Klamath Falls, Oregon. Monster Mac's Asylum was originally created in 1888 to assist people living  in poverty. Here, they could work in exchange for care from the local  government. Over time, the grounds were extended and the space evolved  into a hospital. Eventually, it grew to include a mental hospital.  Though the hospital itself is still in use, it has moved to another  location.

In the 1950s, it began to shut down its wards, including the mental  hospital. Along the way, some gruesome secrets were discovered. In 2006,  during a training exercise, Marines uncovered a freezer in the morgue.  Inside, they found mummified amputated limbs and brain tissue samples  that were left behind from when the hospital was abandoned. 


There are some places that have been abandoned to rot: most notably, Building 25, which the hospital ceased using in 1975.

This ward gained its reputation from a series of reports documenting  brutal treatments of patients. In the 1970s, rumors began to emerge  about an abundance of patient abuse including rapes, murders, suicides  and beatings. In 1984, a nurse’s aid hit a patient in the throat with a  blackjack. The man, Robert Venegas, was restrained in a straitjacket at  the time, and died due to asphyxiation--the aide had crushed his throat.

Shortly after, the asylum was closed for good. Intrepid explorers  still explore Building 25, which is now covered in pigeon excrement and  filled with detritus from its former days--and maybe even a few ghosts. During the century it was running, thousands of patients died there.  Most were buried in mass graves on the grounds. Its most famous patient,  Charles Mason, lived there in the latter years of the hospital’s  functioning. After decades of mistreatment and abuse, the  Asylum closed its doors in 1994. You can now visit the  Trans-Allegheny with one of their ghost tours--maybe don’t stay  overnight, though. 

The Monsters

There are many different types of supernatural entities in the Manor, some that have been sighted were an extremely large zombie almost 30 foot tall! A demon with bones pulling his face off, a manic hillbilly creature, and smaller zombies.

This year we introduce Big Jeb!  

Many victims appear here and relive their deaths over and over again!